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Carol Tuttle

Posted Dec - 2010

Discover how to change your energy to improve your health, relationships, bank account, and much, much more.

As you view “Becoming a Vibrant Human Being: Learning, Living and Creating from Your Chakras,” you will be amazed at what you’ll learn and how practical it is to apply.

This 20 Hour Chakra Training Program on DVD presented by Carol Tuttle, Master Energy Therapist and Syl Carson, Master Thai Yoga Therapist, will teach you how to start consciously creating with these energy centers to create the life that you want.

You are ready to clear any blocks and limiting beliefs, aren’t you?

Response from customers:

“I just wanted to let you know that your inspired program has transformed my life in less than a month. My husband and I really grasped the concepts and have been putting them to work. We were in very negative patterns and we have completely reversed that and it has positively impacted our entire family.” -Randi

“Hi Carol, I wanted to tell you thank you for such an awesome seminar. After it was over I just sat there wanting more. I could listen and glean from you all day! Now I can with all of my DVD’s. You truely are gifted as a speaker and teacher! I have been watching the Chakra series every night with you and Syl and have learned so much.” -Diana

Check it out yourself. You be the judge of the benefits.

This DVD series is on sale for a short time. Go here

‘free clearing’

Don’t give into the negative programming

In this never before released video Carol shares not only guarded secrets from her own journey but first hand fresh break through tools humanity has been waiting centuries to receive… and it’s so simple even children will be affected.

Link to: Break free to the financial freedom you deserve

Link to Carol’s ChakraStore

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