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Clear the Clutter

Posted Dec - 2010

“You never know how strong you are until life gives you no choice and you are forced to be your own hero” – Hristina

Sharon writes:

Clearing out the clutter and making new space will help you on your journey of looking for answers inside of yourself instead of looking outside for them. You don’t need to hang onto everything that comes to you. Throw junk mail away immediately. Don’t clip a coupon unless you intend on using it that day. Sort through your paperwork one time only, dealing with each piece as you put your hands on it until the task for it is completed.

Clean out your junk drawer. You’ll find you don’t even know why you saved half of the stuff in there anyhow. And you know in your heart that the magazine or clippings you saved because you are going to do that project one day will never materialize. In this day of technology everything we could possibly want to know about is on the internet and available at the click of a mouse.

Creating space will make you feel so much better emotionally and physically. You will feel the energy start to flow through you again. Your spirits will be higher and your mood euphoric.

Pick something you’ve been meaning to clear out or organize and spend the upcoming week tackling that. Now really clear it out. Throw away the year’s worth of magazines you have been saving. Organize the bookmarks in your Internet Explorer. Thoroughly sort through your clothes and shoes and bag and donate them to a charity. Throw it out, when in doubt. It’s liberating.

When you have finished your “clearing” take a few minutes to savor how you feel. Pretty darn good, right! Feel better, happier, clearer and cleaner. Your vibrations are running high and you are attracting more of the same good things.

Turn “decluttering” into a habit and do this exercise at least once a month. More often if needed. You will always feel so much better for having done this. Your life will be free of clutter, your mood will be lighter, your energy levels will be increased, and you will feel energized.

Draw the light to you, not away from you.

Too Attached To Your Things?

Dr. Shelley Kaehr…

I’ve been doing a lot of releasing lately.

Letting go of material posessions big time.

It always means something is coming, and so I will see what happens.

Meanwhile, I feel light and refreshed after relinquishing attachment!

I seriously dont have anything on the walls anymore!!! it is hilarious! I don’t want anymore either, but the problem is I am likely to fill things up again at some point – only a matter of time. For now, it feels clear and that is good.
Each thing that walks out of this place makes me feel lighter than I have been in a long time. What is the universe going to bring? I can’t wait to see, but it always brings something when we let go.
I have to believe it must be big and good because I always get rid of stuff but the deepening of this during the last round – letting go of things I have intense emotional bonds to – has been quite profound on some spiritual level.
It really is a wonderful life and today I found a treasure to add to my understanding of ‘law of attraction.’ I was invited to join Shelley’s page and in a few seconds read something that just opened my eyes to a situation I had been going through. I’m so pleased to share.
Just recently I’ve started to declutter (knowing this is going to take time), and I gave away some old possessions that I had very intense emotional bonds to a previous life. I knew though that it was time to move them, so I let them go. After all and emotions aside I kept telling myself that I cannot keep hoarding things.
I must confess that I did put them aside for a while, but in plain view, where I had to walk past them. The spot has stuff coming and going. Somethings sit for a while and I just say when I walk past – soon but not today. It’s like waiting for the day when you’re child starts school and the feelings of having to let go because it’s the right thing to do and a good thing. You know the time is coming and you have time to get ready for it.
Honestly, when I let some things go, I have mixed feelings, generally because of the attachment or should I say the memories that are attached to something, which could simply be a dress or jumper.
Reading Shelley’s comments really puts your actions into perspective. I’m feeling rather good about the whole process after reading this. I’ve been on a bit of a hunt and look what I found. Shelley is an author as well. That’s another weakness of mine – collecting books.
Happy days folks.

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