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Empowering Parents

Posted Dec - 2010

Enlightened Parenting Channel

Article from EvolutionEzine

Jim Self  (an Evolution Ezine Favourite) joins Sandie Sedgbeer to kick off an ongoing  Free Series of Webinars focused upon raising our children in a way that empowers them and keeps the rest of us sane.

In this seminar Jim and Sandie discuss the who, what and whys of parenting the “New Kids” and then takes listeners questions.

In the next seminar Sandie will be talking to Suzy Miller about her experience with children diagnosed with Autism, and then she will be learning about Indigo, Crystal and Star Children from Daniel Jacob.

You can download the webinar from EvolutionEzine and then visit to register for this informative and very valuable series.

Parenting the New Children  – Questions and Answers

Sandie Sedgbeer is the founder of the seminal magazines, Children of the New Earth and Inspired Parenting, as well as the former host of the popular Inspired Parenting Radio Show on the World Puja Network. If it concerns the new kids, Sandie knows the best and most informed experts in every arena. As host of this new series, she will bring them here to answer all your questions about how to nurture, support, and raise these amazing future generations of humans.

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