“Well-behaved women rarely make history.” –Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Enter Dr. Joe Vitale

Posted Dec - 2010

“From Pinching Pennies to Fill the Gas Tank to Pulling In Six Figures a Month (all in a year and a half)”

After twenty-three years in marketing, she was toast. Burned out.

Jennifer McLean was tired of working so much — to make other people millions of dollars. So she did what any reasonable marketing professional would do: she quit her comfortable 6-figure salary… to go sell insurance.

Two weeks later she realized there was no way on earth that was going to work for her.

With bills to pay and an area of expertise to tap, she decided to go into freelance marketing. It was like trudging uphill with a 500-pound weight on her back. She was still so burned out that putting her energy into this new venture was just about impossible — and it floundered.
Enter Dr. Joe Vitale …

“Every so often a book comes out that has the capacity to change people’s ideas about life, The Big Book of You is one of those books. Experience this book, take it in and open yourself to new possibilities.”

— Dr. Joe Vitale, author of best selling books The Key, Zero Limits, The Attractor Factor and more than 30 other books, and featured teacher in the hit movie and book The Secret.

The most important spiritual lesson is getting that we are truly all one, there is no separation between me and anyone else. Jennifer’s little movie contains moving excerpts from her book, The Big Book of You, that are perfectly aligned with this message. I loved it. –Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and featured teacher in “The Secret”

The Big Book of You is a hard cover coffee table book with full color pages filled with contributed artwork and photography from all over the world. It also includes additional text (explaining some of the ideas presented in the poetry) as well as spiritually significant quotes from well known pundits.

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