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Finding 5c Coins

Posted Dec - 2010

This is a great manifesting story…

Jim – Hi everyone! I want to share a story with you all about manifesting in the hopes of generating a further discussion on this topic. I have to say right up front that I have been skeptical of this aspect of the Conscious Growth philosophy, but after an experience I had today that skepticism is now a little shaky.

First, a little background. Ever since my friends Dan and Laura and I started talking about the “manifesting” post on the blog, we’ve all been noticing and picking up pennies. I saw them everywhere and some times I would pick them up but other times I would walk on by (what will people think of me, right?). Lately, though, I started picking them up in earnest wherever I saw them, mockery be damned. And then something strange started happening… nickels began to show up everywhere! Just nickels. So I picked up the nickels and then I started seeing dimes. No joke, they were popping up everywhere – in the hall in my office building, on the locker room floor, on the subway, on the street. So many dimes and I wasn’t even trying! But I noticed that I never saw any quarters.

So, today on the way to my office, I decided to try to manifest a quarter. I looked around on the subway platform. Nothing. I checked the two payphones in the station. Empty. I looked on the floor of the subway car. Nada. Defeated, I sat down, read my book and eventually arrived at my stop, resigned to not finding any quarters. In fact, I had forgotten about my intention to find them by that time. Then, as I was leaving the station, there was a Metrocard on the ground. It was in a hard to reach spot in the middle of the turnstile, so I would have to hold up traffic for a few seconds to bend over and pick it up. I decided to risk the scorn of the hurried commuters and snatch it up anyway. I popped the card in the Metrocard machine to check the balance and, well, you can probably guess what the balance was. Yes, I kid you not, it was EXACTLY 25 CENTS!

This skeptic is starting to become a believer!

I wonder: who else has had similar experiences and would like to share them here? What do you think could we all try to manifest together?

:: Lately I’ve been seeing 5cent pieces everywhere, depending where they are I pick them up and give them to someone. Am I supposed to keep them? When I see them I feel embarrassed to pick them up – especially if someone else is watching – what do you think I should do? It’s like they keep following me ::

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