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Free Subliminal Blaster

Posted Dec - 2010

Download Free Subliminal Blaster

A self-help freeware application designed to flash subliminal  messages, but its ability to modify behavior is up to you to evaluate.

Subliminal Blaster’s intuitive interface offers a wide variety of preset  message categories, though you can easily add your own.

You can select  from 51 self-help areas including dealing with stress and pain, quitting  smoking, and slimming sensibly.

Messages are positive affirmations such  as “I am always improving” and “My body feels good.” You can set the  location, frequency, and font for your selected messages, which will  only display when the program is open but will display over any  application. Subliminal Blaster is a handy, well-designed program for  those who believe in the power of subliminal messages.

I start the program when I log on to my computer and I always feel more relaxed and calm when I finish. I do feel the difference when I remember that it is not on – generally it is because I am missing out on the mindset training/benefits. Overall for the past 6-12months I have found my attitude to everything around me is more positive. I am a better leader, parent, my patience has improved, I make better decisions, I am more happier, abundance is starting to flow in, and I look for things to be grateful for when faced with a negative situations and help others to consider other possibilities rather than to accept what we first see with our eyes and more importantly my family comment on the changes they see in me.

I just asked myself when I first looked at subliminal messages and downloaded this one to try (because it was free) – what have I got to loose – well nothing – it’s more along the lines of what have I gained – and that has been plenty.


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