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I Manifested a $1M Beachhouse

Posted Dec - 2010

“You Can Have, Do and Be Anything You Want”

I just love this story from the wealthhelpjunkie, read on…

My readers have been asking me for more details on how exactly I manifest money in my life. First, I want to make clear that in most of my manifestation practice, I am manifesting the “reason” behind the need for money and not money itself.

For some reason, this just works better for me. As you may know if you have taken my wealth creation course, a required component of manifesting anything is to generated the feeling and emotions of the wish fulfilled. This emotion is required for your subconscious to work properly.

Now, it is a lot easier to create emotion behind the end result as opposed to behind a dollar number. For example, I have always wanted a beachhouse ever since I was in college when I watched the movie Beaches. It was a sad story of a mother dying slowly but she owned this beautiful beach cottage. It was a place of serenity for her and a place where she spent lots of quiet but quality time with her daughter.

I made up my mind then that I was going to get my own beachhouse someday. Now an oceanfront beach place is over $1 million dollars in most places. So, logically, it was never something I really thought I could have early in life.

But as I improved my manifestation practice by studying principles taught by Bob Doyle and methods of manifestation taught by Stuart Lichtman, I came to believe that I could really have one now as opposed to later in retirement life.

When I was around 33 years old, I started to create emotions of using my place as a place for rejuvenation and meditation- the ocean has always been a magical place for me. Instead of focusing on getting a million dollars, I created imagery and experiences of exactly what the place would look like inside and I made a specific visualization of sitting on the deck viewing the ocean and having this amazing feeling of gratitude that I was sitting on the deck of my very own place I could visit often.

Now, I had no idea how I would ever be able to acquire a second home on the beach, but spiritual principles do not require you to know how. You just focus on the end result. In fact, you never think of how- it just gets in the way.

So, I applied the advanced method of manifestation that Stuart Lichtman teaches in his How to Get Money for Anything Fast course. This is one that takes some effort but is used for those seemingly impossible goals you have.

The more I manifested my perfect beachhouse, the more my inner self started to feel like it could be possible. My visualization just felt more real and less of a pipe dream over time. I never gave up and just kept on.

After a year, I was at the doctor’s office and a flyer fell out of one of those high end travel magazines. They were taking deposits on homes that were being constructed. This was during the time when the market was strong and so you were given a number and they awarded the places based on an auction system.

I saw it as a sign. I had no idea how I would ever be able able to afford one- but I went with what felt natural and filled in the form. . . a sequence of unanticipated and strange events occurred and in the end, my husband and I now own a beautiful place right on the ocean. . . it is decorated perfectly just as in my visualization and I sit on the balcony every time I visit and thank God for making my dream come true.

One key thing about wanting to create something in your reality is that you should never think about “how” it will happen. Believe it or not, when you create the right energy and emotion and get rid of any subconscious obstacles, it will happen. Most likely it will not happen in any way you could have imagined- but it just does.

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