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Visualise And Live Your World

Posted Dec - 2010

Create Your World

John shows his famous vision board from the Secret

I was inspired to create my own vision board after listening to John Assaraf tell his story of how he manifested his giant mansion. In his story he related how his mansion came to be and of then finding a picture of this very same mansion on one of the vision boards he had previously made – when he first started his journey, some years before.

When I first started out, I cut pictures from magazines and used brochures to shape my new world. I also scoured the internet and found glorious images – creating different collages. I then printedthe images onto sheets and pinned them all around the place.

I love looking at all my creations and when I see an image of what started out as a vision or thought now turned into reality, I can’t help but let out a squeal of delight. So it is true, that everything is created twice, that our thoughts become things.

I must confide, that I don’t always grasp a meaning of something read straight away. Perhaps it is because I am always looking for some deep meaning, although it can be staring me in the face. Where is this leading do you ask? Well I was sitting in a newly renovated part of our house and was thinking about the ‘everything is created twice’ saying and then I started looking around. The room had been really outdated, dingy and emanated a sad feeling upon entry – this our parents retreat. So we took down a wall, stripped off the old wallpaper, put up fresh paint and fixtures, renovated the dilapidated, leaky and stinky old bathroom and sitting in their this afternoon, I realised that the vision I had when I first saw the room had become a reality. Yes, my thoughts were now things.

I could get carried away with where I went from there – looking at the toothpaste, chairs, the bath, everything we use, feel and see was a creation of someone’s and now a real thing!

So do you see the relevance of having a vision board? We really do create our own world and visualising how you want it to be is so much fun. Time skips away when you are in the ‘moment’ (that’s being in the vortex). This is about you and what you want – so set yourself free, reach for the sky, dream and visualise. And when opportunities arise do take action or when something feels right to do – do it (as Abraham says that’s going downstream).

I had so much fun making my original vision boards that I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try something totally new, which really did feel so right. I created some mind movies, mind affirmations and movie vision boards. And after a strong cup of tea published them on YouTube and from there decided to create a blog as well. I have bared my soul and remind my family that I am making them famous by including them in some of my vision boards. After all, why not!

Apart from my published vision boards, I do of course have a few personal ones that are for my eyes only and perhaps you may wish to start this way. I started firstly by making PowerPoint presentations and had a captive audience in which to get feedback (could it be a wishful thought to convert hubby over to my world – Andy laughs).

There are some more techniques that I use and will share those later.

For now, approach your vision board with clarity and purpose as in ‘this is my creation.’ Try listening to some great music to relax or pump you up – something to put you in a creative, open frame of mind.

Remember to be clear about your desires, google some affirmations and believe in yourself. I sometimes go back to my static vision boards and change or add to them. It is mine after all and I create what I want. If you do visit my YouTube videos you will see how I started and some of the improvements I made from learning. I have thought to delete or re-create my earlier published vision boards but hope they will give you inspiration to knowing that we all start from somewhere. One of my life goals is to create vision boards for a living and I welcome your comments. They truly are fun!

As you launch into your new vision say to yourself “my life is fun” and “I love and accept myself – and move forward to who I want to be.”

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