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What I Really Want

Posted Dec - 2010

About a year ago i was in a really bad job. i hated it. i mean i really hated it. i used to leave the office at lunch and cry and then go back to work and hold back the tears for another four hours.

a friend told me that she had written down what she wanted in her next job and two weeks later she received a job offer. it sounded crazy but i had seen the secret and what the bleep so i figured what the hell. i used the secret visualization tool (on youtube) every day multiple times a day to raise my vibration.

an amazing job appeared on craigslist and i applied with a completely over the top cover letter. my opening line was “working for this organization would thrill my soul.” i figured i didn’t have anything to lose.

they received 100 applications for the job and it was narrowed down to one other person (15 years my senior) and to me. while interviewing they told me about another job opportunity in the same organization. i realized in my last interview i wanted the other job and not the original one i’d been called in to do. i ended up with the second job which was perfect for me because it’s project based and will end next year rather than being a long-term gig.

these were all things that I wanted. A job working for an organization that I respect. A big project that is important to my community. An end date so I can figure out what I REALLY want to do in my next decade (I’m experiencing a mid-life re-creation, formerly known as a crisis).

i went from my lowest career point to my highest in a few months time. i delight in this every day. i have lots of smaller examples but this one has the biggest WOW factor.

i can and do have everything i want. so can you. i think i’ve just scratched the surface of my manifestation capabilities. my dreams keep getting bigger and while it still scares me (due to old programming) it also excites me!

dreams and love,

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