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Bad Days Will Pass

Posted Dec - 2010

Anytime anything happens, particularly something big that you don’t want, if you immediately start creating a list of what the benefits are, of that, the fact that it changes your internal representations about what happened from some negative thing to some possibilities, it completely changes the whole situation.

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Because those benefits that come with an adversity don’t happen until you begin to focus on them, Napoleon Hill said “it contains the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit,” but you have to germinate the seed and we do that by focussing on what are those the benefits – it’s a different way of doing things and those that are successful thats the way they think about those setbacks.

You can transform your life and achieve more by becoming aware.

Raise your level of awareness.

If you are unaware of something it doesn’t exist for you.

Vishen Lakhiani calls this technique “energy redirection” – he summed it up by saying “when something bad happens in your life, you simply find a way to change your emotions around that event. Turn it into a challenge and create a vision for the future. It makes the situation obselete. Set an intention or goal to change the way you feel about it.

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Changing the way you think can be a hard slog, given the effort and time taken to remind yourself to see every situation in a different light. Like trying to be positive for your own wellbeing, no matter how dark the situation can be at the time. For as you start along your new mindset journey, you do find those around you beginning to act differently. Most sad thinkers begin to lighten up or stay away from you. And for those that occupy your company, well, having fun and being happy, that just has to be the bees knees. Life does get better and better when you are with this crowd.

You know that I am not telling you anything new so why the introduction then you say. It was simply to share how the following experience came about. That’s right, this is a story close to my heart and one I will be forever grateful to have been told, and one I hope, will inspire you to never give up on yourself. That success can be closer than you think. That what you think does count and to remember that the more passionate your desire is, the more quickly the thing you want, will spring up in your life.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. ~ Nelson MandelaIn sharing my experience I cannot help but think that it is so true about hindsight being a beautiful thing when it comes to your children. I remember back to only a few years ago (the turbulent teenage years and your daughter) and to the doom and gloom that surrounded us. No conversation ever appeared to be constructive or positive and everything I tried seemed to backfire and no matter what I did or say could change the negative mindset that she had. A lot of personal soul searching came through this time for me as I really thought I was home and hosed, as the two older boys had travelled into manhood quite well and the only challenges I had were the terrible two’s and three’s. The younger generation today appear to believe that the whole world is against them, including us (parents), since we play a large part of their world.

Someone wonderful made a comment that I will never forget. The comment helped me to see things in a different light, that it wasn’t anything that I had done or didn’t do, that what she was going through wasn’t about me. The comment was simply ‘this is her journey,’ and I pass that same comment on to others when I see them floundering.

Let them know you support them, love them and always have a home and hug for them and are walking with them through ‘their journey’ and that it is okay.

Dearie me, what a gloomy start but we finish well, I promise. So with those troubled times behind us and without further ado this is something my baby who has just turned 18, shared with me. Yes we made it and we share a lot about positive thinking, yes the law of attraction and a love of life, one where prosperity and abundance can be ours, if we want.

Most of us have seen or read the fantastic, self-discovery book, showing us how to manifest our dreams – The Secret. When I watched the secret – after my mum had niggled me for a week or two – my life changed. Immediately after watching the DVD of The Secret, I wanted to delve into this new world of thought. A world that helps you to understand your purpose and how to fulfill your life long dreams.

At first I was very skeptical about this ideology, “if you think the right way everything will come to you!” I thought all my prayers had been answered and life was going to give me everything I ever wanted (maybe not Johnny Depp). My mum was getting deep into the ways to manifest and think positively and showed me a new way to help the train of thought – mind movies.

I listened to a bloke on an Australian radio interview who talked about how he made a mind movie with roughly 30 items and of those 30 items he actually received 20 or so. I decided that because I had to see this to believe it, I would make my own.

Of all things, I had always wanted an IPhone (for free) and decided to put that in my mind movie. Not long after, I had one, and it was fantastic – it was second hand but looked brand new – and then one month after that I had a brand new Iphone sitting in my hands.

Life is about belief; belief that we aren’t just toughing it alone, that there is someone or something out there. I am still skeptical to a degree about The Secret’s ways but it has worked for me in everyday life. Whether it is getting the first car-park out the front of the Doctors (which I always get now) or getting the new IPhone; The Secret is about believing in yourself and loving yourself and by being a wonderful person you will attract everything you want – without the how involved. Maybe one day I will be sitting on the French Riviera with Mr Depp, and then I can say all my dreams have come true.

It is my intention to inspire you. Remember “out of nothing, and out of no way, a way will be made” -Michael Beckwith

I am learning many things from my daughter (yes the tables do turn), if you have a question and would like me to write about our experience or something specific, then please inspire me and let me know.

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.”

About me: I will achieve inner harmony and happiness – and in doing so, inspire others to find their peace and happiness.

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