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Law of Detachment

Posted Dec - 2010

Article from CreataVision

It’s easy to manifest a cappuccino unless of course we are dying of thirst!

It’s easy to manifest something unless of course we fear that if we don’t get it, we will never be happy, be a failure, die unfulfilled, etc. These are just a sampling of the limiting beliefs that most of us share to some degree.

When we feel ‘afraid’ we know we are attached. When we are attached to the outcome, we cannot manifest it easily because vibrationally we are simply not in alignment with that creation.
This feels like:

Truly making peace with what is.

I am at peace with whatever happens. I know that all is well and in Divine Order.

Being willing to never have what you want:

I am willing to trust that the Divine has my best interest in mind and therefore, if it’s meant to be that I never ‘get this’, then so be it. I trust in the Divine.

Be willing to have all that you want: I am willing to have my desire fulfilled in Divine Order and Divine Timing now.

If you continue to feel afraid to let go, then you will have to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), meditation, visualizations and/or affirmations until you can be at peace with letting it go and trusting in the Divine.

Being at peace does NOT mean resigning yourself to not having what you want. Here’s your distinction – resignation feels hopeless while Peace feels hopeful. If you feel despondent or any shade of sad or negative, then you are still attached. Continue working your ‘thoughts and emotions’ around until you can be at PEACE.
Give it to the Universe

The second thing you can do is to start handing more of the bigger things over to the Universe.

It is not your responsibility to ‘make things happen’. Let the Universe do its job and get out of the way. It’s okay to command and let the Universe know that you want a relationship and you expect it now. Tell the Universe you fully expect wealth immediately and then prepare to receive it. (This takes some practice but you’ll like the results – SAY to this MOUNTAIN MOVE and it will!)

Create a Masterpiece.

The third thing you can do is to get clear about what you really want. Most of the time our big dreams are overarching ideas without very many details. We spend very little time and attention actually developing the vision of what this ‘dream’ would look like in our lives. The Universe gives us bits and pieces of our Big-Dream-Vision because that’s all we ever order. Sit down, write out what you want, and create a Masterpiece – not a stick figure!

If you will practice detachment, hand more of your ‘to-do’ list over to the Universe. Add detail, specifics, and fine brushstrokes to your masterpiece, then your bigger dreams will show up with great ease with every day.

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