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We live in four worlds

Posted Dec - 2010

We live in four worlds – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Think of it as a tree with spiritual as the roots and the physical our fruits. If we look after and care for our mental and emotional parts then we will direct success and abundance in all forms to ourselves. This is a great life insurance policy and free for you to set up.

Let us look to prune away negative feelings and statements that we are guilty of making and feed our mental being with personal quotes. For we know that positive statements attract positive results (fruits) and our thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions which lead to results, fantastic results.

Give yourself some support and prosper with changing your mindset or way of thinking. Rework your thoughts from non supportive statements to empowering yourself.

We truly deserve to be happy and free, more happy and more free. Yes I deserve to be, I want to be, I can be, I will be, I am.

Where I once thought: “You have to work hard to make money” I now say “It takes creativity to make money, I am creative. Yes I am a powerful and resourceful creator.”

Where I was told over and over “oney doesn’t grow on trees” I now say “money consistently flows to me from numerous sources. My life is now filled with prosperity and abundance.”

And remember “We can’t afford it” I say to the universe “I can afford anything, I focus my power, I change my life, I am wealthy and successful in all that I do.”

Change your way of thinking and create affirmations or quotes that are believable to you – feed your emotions by repeating your affirmations or statements daily, so that it becomes a natural response. ‘I am’ statements are the most powerful of affirmations you can use. Raise your awareness and poster your quotes, display them on a big screen, laptop or desktop. They will become your insurance policy to the future creating a life of limitless potential.

This next statement isn’t about wearing contact lenses but clarifies your perspective:

“Vision without a task is only a dream. A task without a vision is but drudgery. BUT vision with a task is a dream fulfilled.” Willie Stone

My inner world creates my outer world. I can be kind, loving, balanced and really really rich. I am bigger than any problem. I can handle any problem.

I accomplish all my financial goals with ease. I can grow myself & learn my way to success. I am clever and accomplish any task I put my mind to – forex trading. I act in spite of fear, uncertainty, inconvenience, discomfort – in spite of everything! I am responsible for everything that is happening in my life. My life is like living on Pompano Beach.

What you focus on expands, this is the Universal Law. You see, the mind creates what you hold in it, providing you have cleared any conflicting subconscious blocks. Try some clearing techniques to clear your negative emotions. You don’t need an online degree to know what makes you feel happy, to know what lifts your spirit.

Be grateful and celebrate your success. This will result in an increase in your overall happiness.

Saint Augustine said “faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”

I am truly happy and I deserve to be, thank you. I am happy and grateful to be so clever in creating opportunities. I am grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources, on a continuous basis. I am so happy that the universe provides clear signs to me to follow. I am grateful for love and true prosperity. I am clever, I achieve everything I put my mind to, so that I can have everything I desire. My life is full of joy, thank you. I am so happy that I make great things happen. I live a life of abundance, thank you. I recognise opportunities all around me, thank you. I am so grateful for the strength my family gives to me. I am so grateful to share the life of a wonderful caring man. I truly am blessed with healthy children, thank you. I am having so much fun creating, thank you. I have complete freedom over my time, that makes me very happy and grateful, thank you.

Create your world and live!

“Some people die at twenty-five and aren’t buried until they are seventy-five.” — Benjamin Franklin

You are a “creator” and free tools are available for you to use

I believe that today great things will happen. Success, love, money and abundance in all forms will find their way to me quickly and effortlessly.

Article Source:

Oprah Radio host Michael Losier talks about “Good Vibes”

According to Michael, you get in life what you are vibrating. If you are sending good vibes into the universe, good things will come back to you, he says. “You can change any area of your life, but you have to change your vibration first,” he says. Michael talks about how to get the law of attraction to work in your favor through the words you use and vibrations you produce.

Michael says whether you believe it or not, the law of attraction already exists your life. “If you are getting [what you want], you would have had to have sent the vibration that created it.” To make sure you are getting more of what you want through the law of attraction, Michael suggests reducing or eliminating the words don’t, not and no. “When you catch yourself using them—and my hunch is you will—simply say, ‘So what do I want?’” Michael says.

By identifying your true desires and staying positive, Michael says your vibrations will be positive and the law of attraction will start working in your favor. “The law of attraction is an eavesdropper, and it is picking up on the vibration that you are sending,” he says. “Whether you are felling sadness or remorse or whether you are feeling joy and excitement and anticipation, law of attraction matches it.”

Oprah GoodVibes : Listen in here

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